The content of my Bachelor’s thesis is the design of a modular shoe which makes a synthesis between sport- and streetwear as you can transform it from a sneaker to a running shoe and otherwise. Its modular construction is designed to be sustainable and recyclable and to use 3D-printing technologies.

The functional demands of a sport shoe are difficult to combine with the aesthetic wishes for the daily leisure. Sport shoes just created for its use doesn’t fit together with a casual business outfit. Sneakers, which interpretate the look of sport shoes with their athletic „streetstyle“ are just fashion objects which aren’t made for the athletic use.

To wear sport shoes both for the daily leisure and for sport, shortens its lifetime as the hours weared accelerate the wear much more than the kilometers you run with them.

Ideally you should have one pair for each activity: One for running and one for the daily leisure.

Mentoring: Prof. Marion Kießling