It is a semi-mechanical assistive device equipped with sensors to support bending that facilitates the physically strenuous work of caregivers, nurses and, in particular, of members of the family and relatives who are left alone with the task of caring for their loved one. Here, back pain is the most frequent cause. Nurses and caregivers have one of the highest absentee rates (21 days). 70 % of the absenteeism is due to back pain. Our product is specially designed to counter this strain. Particularly in geriatric care, the average shift holds the record with 112 minutes in a bent forward position of over 20 degrees. The subject of care and nursing is becoming increasingly important in Germany, as the average age of the population is increasing steadily, so that appropriate care is becoming more and more crucial. Our EXO concept helps keep the back straight when the body is in a bent forward position. As a result, less muscle strength is required to hold the position. At the same time, it also provides added stability.

EXO has won the STRASCHEGAWARD of entrepreneurship for the best business idea

It was an interdisciplinary project with the faculty of nursing sciences (Pflegewissenschaften).

Team members: Dimitri Weber / Alexander Blaschke.

Mentoring: Prof. Florian Petri / Prof. Matthias Edler-Golla / Prof. Dr. Steve Strupeit