Steam – Grill for Crêpe






Steam is a grill specially designed for crepes that is able to make different variations of this popular dish. The primary focus, though, is on fruit as a healthy side dish. This is where the innovative option of steaming comes into play. There are four steam units each in addition to the pancake form for the dough which forms the core of this product. They consist of a container attached at the bottom that is filled to 1/3 with water. A sieve for the contents and a lid are placed on the worktop both with a wodden handle to prevent overheating. The handle is used to conveniently take out and apply the contents to the pancake after the steaming process is finished.

Another special feature is that the grill can easily be transported despite its size. This is made possible by a design that permits the grill to be fully disassembled. The legs are each screwed to the grill compartment and the worktop with 4 lag bolts. As a result, the grill can easily be set up and taken down again at any time.

The grill has a height of 440 mm and a width of 700mm

In cooperation with Johanna Amann

Mentoring: Prof. Florian Petri